#317 Tin Can Holders

Get organised with stationary and bits and bobs with up-cycled tin cans. Decorate them with wrapping paper or washi tape and hang them up on a peg board above the homework area.

#316 Take-out school lunches

Reinvent the wheel by packaging school lunch in a fun way. Use washi take and stickers, grease proof paper and little paper bags, give an element of fun takeout to boring sandwiches.

#315 Shoe boxes

Reinvent the old boring shoe box and turn them into toy and storage boxes. Cover shoe boxes with fabric, use spray glue or tape to secure the fabric. These shoe boxes display well on shelves are are practical storage solutions too.

#314 Activity Zone

. Make this play zone area accessible and in view so that your children can see their games easily which will encourage them to play more. Peg boards are easy to use as they can be rearranged as a new game is added. The more visible the game, the more likely it will be...

#313 Star Veggies

Use a cookie cutter to make stars out of veggies, potato and butternut stars are much tastier! Roast them like oven chips and see how many your kids will eat!

#312 Trunk House

This trunk can be set up in a few minutes and packed away when the game has tired. Make some extra compartments out of cardboard boxes, cover them with wrapping paper or offcuts of wallpaper. Add a blackboard for drawing and some bunting, a tea set and some toys…

#311 Washi Tape Letters

Spruce up a plain letter cut out with wash tape, changing the angle at which you apply the tape for more of a design effect. Use a cardboard base for the letter if you do not have a wooden one. Use these letters for names on doors, or initials on walls.

#310 Interactive Play Wall

This is a great way to encourage indoor active play, using a vertical surface rather requiring floor space. Paint a scene on the wall, add on interactive objects like this street sign that can be written on, the shutters and curtains that can be opened and closed, and a mirror in the window that...

#309 Name Frames

Make these frames with scraps of fabric or paper, cutting out the letters and using different background patterns to frame them on. Sew the letters down or use glue to secure them. Felt works well as it dows not fray, or card or paper in different textures and patterns is also easy to do.

#308 Staircase hideaway.

there is a wonderful secret land waiting to be explored under the staircase. Make a staircase drop our of fabric – easy to put up for a play day and fold away when the game is over, it does not have to be a permanent decor idea!