An idea a day for 2018!

365 Creative Ideas to do with your kids offers awesome and fun ideas for each day of 2018.

The daily ideas range from very easy craft projects to indoor and outdoor activities and kiddies games. Some ideas may be reminiscent of your own childhood and others are simple family-time activities such as spending a few minutes cloud gazing with your kids. The ideas are aimed at all age groups and are suitable for babies, toddlers and young kids up to 8 to 10 years.

For each day of 2018, an idea will be posted on the kidsdecor Facebook page and on in a blog format.

The post will feature the idea only, it is not instructional. It is up to the parent/child minder/child to decide how they will execute the idea, depending on whether they have the game/materials at home or not. The daily idea is only a starting point, an inspiration – there is plenty of insight and information on the web to show the possibilities of each idea.

365 Creative Ideas will add a creative element to every day of 2018! At the end of each month, a calendar of the ideas will be sent to those who subscribe.