Day 49: toilet roll animals

Day 49 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Do you recycle? Make some toilet roll animals. This is such a fun way to spark your child’s creativity and get them thinking outside the usual craft ideas. And it is a good recycle project. #recycle #craft #draw

How to make toilet roll animals:
1. You have two options when making the faces: you can either draw
them on colourful paper, cut them out and paste onto the toilet rolls
or you can draw the face and ears on the one end of the toilet roll and
cut around them.
2. Glue on plastic eyes, and wool or feathers for whiskers.
3. Paint your animals or use pastels, or simply cover with coloured
paper. Make antennae by painting small polystyrene balls bright
colours, insert toothpicks into them and glue them to the inside of the
face end of the toilet roll.
4. Or, use a fine black marker to draw a family of cats, making
sure to draw tails on the back of the toilet roll too. Cut two slits on
each side of the toilet roll and fold them down to make the ears