Day 228: Wheatgrass People

Day 228 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Wheatgrass is easy and quick to grow and there are many different things to make with it.
1. Soak the wheatgrass seeds in water overnight.
2. Spread the mulch or soil in a tray and water it.
3. Drain the seeds and spread densely over the mulch or soil, leaving no or very little space
between seeds.
4. Cover with a single layer of paper towel and sprinkle lightly with water every day until the sprouts are about 3 cm high. Keep away from direct sunlight.
5. Remove the paper towel when the seedlings start pushing it up and then place the tray in partial sunlight.
6. Water with one cup of water every day, keeping the soil damp, but not flooded.
7. Harvest the wheatgrass after 7–10 days, when it is about 10 cm tall. Use in healthy juices.

Add details:
– Draw eyes on the eggheads with a felt tip pen or marker.
– Draw funny faces on the cans, make glasses from the pipe cleaners and secure them over the eyes.
– Dress your wheatgrass by drawing a collared shirt and tie outline on colourful paper, cutting them out and pasting them onto the cans or yoghurt containers. Doily paper works well for collars and buttons.
From my book Kids’ Market Days (Struik Publishers 2014)