Day 221: String Bauble

Day 221 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Have you ever made a string bauble? This is a fun project to do together with your kids and a lovely decor idea to hang in their rooms. The bigger your balloon, the bigger the bauble will be.
White glue
1. Make a mixture of one part glue and one quarter part water. Avoid making it too watery.
2. Blow up the balloon to the required size and attach a piece of string to it. Cover the balloon with Vaseline to prevent the ribbon and glue from sticking to it.
3. Wrap a big bunch of ribbon around your hand and soak it in the glue mixture, making sure
that all of the ribbon gets wet. Try to avoid tangling it up.
4. Squeeze off excess liquid.
5. Begin wrapping the wet ribbon around the balloon. There is no method here – just wrap it every which way, spacing it out as much as possible and changing direction often.
6. Once you have covered most of the balloon, cut off the ribbon and tuck the loose end under.
7. Dip and roll the ribbon-wrapped balloon one more time in the water and glue mixture, and
squeeze of any excess, gently, without popping the balloon.
8. Hang the balloon up and let it dry overnight, with the balloon still inflated inside.
9. When it is completely dry, the ribbon should be stiff and hard. You can now pop the balloon and remove it carefully through one of the gaps or through the area where the balloon knot was. You will be left with a colourful, decorative ribbon ball.
– Make small baubles and hang fairy lights inside each one.
– Hang the baubles from a light fitting in the middle of the room.
Text from my book, Rooms Your kids Will Love (Human & Rousseau 2015)