Day 148: Homemade Lemonade

Day 148 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Do your kids also want to make their own lemonade to sell at the gate? Perfect for summertime picnics, pink lemonade is easy to make, with simple alternatives for the sugar and colour. You’ll need between six and eight lemons for this recipe.
handful of fresh strawberries
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
4 cups (1 litre) sparkling water
sugar to taste
sliced lemons, for garnish
You need: fun cups or jars and colourful straws
1. Purée the strawberries in a blender. Sieve the pulp if you don’t want the seeds
2. Combine the lemon juice and strawberry purée in a large jug.
3. Just before serving, top up with chilled sparkling water and plenty of ice.
4. Add sugar (or stevia or honey) to taste and garnish with slices of lemon
• Add a dash of fresh berry juice for extra colour. This is naturally sweet, so if you get
the lemon juice and berry juice ratio right, there will be no need to add sweetener.
From my book Fun Foods for Kids (Struik Publishers 2016), email me on if you would like to buy a book.