Day 137: Sushi Sandwiches

Day 137 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Have you made these ’sushi sandwiches’? Bread wraps can be made with brown or white bread, or use both to add variety. Tie the wraps with string before packing them tightly into a container, to keep
them in shape.
You will need:
sliced white and brown bread
butter lettuce
turkey breast slices
cheese slices
mayonnaise or butter
cling wrap and thin string

1. Cut the crusts off each slice of bread and flatten slightly with a rolling pin.
2. Spread a piece of cling wrap on a chopping board or work surface. (The cling wrap will
help you to roll up the bread tightly.)
3. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise or butter on one side of the bread.
4. Layer the turkey, cheese and lettuce. For an authentic sushi look, slice the ingredients into strips and place them in rows.
5. Add a dab of mayonnaise at the edge of the slice to ‘glue’ the bread together and use the cling wrap to help you roll the bread up tightly to enclose the filling, then remove the cling wrap. (If not serving straight away, twist the ends of the cling wrap to hold the roll together until ready to serve.)
6. Tie the roll with string (use three ties per slice of bread). Using a sharp knife, cut between the ties into 4-cm-wide ‘sushi’ pieces (you should get three pieces out of each roll). Untie the string just before eating.
From my book Fun Foods for Kids (Struik Publishers 2016), email me on if you would like to buy a book.