Day 136: Mouse Mask

Day 136 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Do your kids like playing with masks? So easy to do, all you need is some brown paper/card and black pipe cleaners and some elastic.
1. Cut out the mouse face from a piece of brown paper as shown. Then carefully cut out two circles for the eyes.
2. For the ears, cut out two paddle-shaped forms (a circle at the top and a handle at the bottom) from another piece of brown paper. Cover the ‘handles’ in glue and paste them to the top inside of the mask with the circles protruding.
3. For the whiskers, pierce holes on both sides of the nose end of the mask, then bring together the two bottom ends of the mask and secure with sticky tape and finally thread through pipe cleaners.
4. Cut out a circle for the nose and glue onto the end. Pierce a hole on each side of the mask about 4 cm below the ears. Thread through an elastic to secure the mask to your face.
From my book, Kids’ Market Days (Struik 2014), email me on if you would like to buy a book.