Day 132: Toilet Roll Cars

Day 132 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Do you recycle toilet rolls? Cars, animals or monsters – anything can be made out of a toilet roll!
You will need:
recycled toilet rolls
colourful paper
poster paint
circle stencil
cardboard for wheels
paper fasteners
craft knife
felt tip marker
How to make a toilet roll car:
1. Cover the toilet roll in colourful paper or paint it with poster paint.
2. For the wheels, stencil four circles onto cardboard, cut these out and make a
hole in the centre of each.
3. Use paper fasteners to secure the wheels to the toilet roll.
4. Using a craft knife, cut three sides of a square for the driver’s seat (see photograph
below). Fold the flap to make the back of a seat.
5. Make a racetrack for your cars to race around on by drawing roads with a felt
tip marker on paper.