Day 128: Jumping Jack

Day 128 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Have your kids made their own Jumping Jack out of cardboard? It is hung on a door knob or nail on the wall and when the bottom string is pulled its arms and legs move up and down.
You will need:
4 paper fasteners
Markers or crayons to decorate the puppet
How to make a Jumping Jack puppet:
1. Draw the head and torso of the body, and separate legs and feet.
2. Cut them out.
3. Mark where the paper fasteners need to go with a pen, and push the pen point through the cardboard to make the holes.
4. Mark another place where the string needs to be fastened. Knot a piece of string to each hole.
5. Use the paper fasteners to attached the arms and legs and feet to the torso.
6. Tie all the strings together at the back of the torso, and leave a long piece of string hanging.
7. Tie a loop to the head, so that you can hang the puppet onto a doorknob or hook.
8. Hang the puppet on a doorknob or nail, pull the string between the legs and watch your
puppet do jumping jacks!
This photo is from one of our Kid Market Days.