Day 124: Recycled Bottle Boats

Day 124 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Have you made boats before? These recycled boats are a great project to do with your boys and girls! Collect and recycle plastic bottles and corks to make these little floating boats.
You will need: plastic bottles, from shampoo bottles to water bottles needle and thread wooden skewers
How to make bottle boats:
1. You can use a shampoo or body cream bottle; a flattish one is best.
2. Cut a cork in half vertically using a craft knife or NT cutter. Secure the cork to one of the flat sides of the bottle with an elastic band.
3. Cut a large triangular sail out of a piece of fabric or paper. If using fabric, sew seams so that a skewer can be inserted to hold the mast in place. If using paper, glue the skewer onto the paper. Insert the skewer mast into the cork and sail away.Tips:
• Use a craft knife to cut the corks.
• Use paper that is a different colour on each side for the sails.
• Use a punch to make the holes.
• To make a ‘makeyour- own boat set’, simply package all the materials from one of these projects into a container of your choice (not the tools) and sell each set as one product.
From my book Kids’ Market Days (Struik Publishers 2014), email me on if you would like to purchase a book.