Day 122: Make a ring throw game

Day 122 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Have you made a ring throw game with your kids? It is so easy to do… You will need:
spray paint
6 recycled glass or plastic bottles
kitchen funnel
sticky tape
How to make a ring toss game:
1. Spray paint the bottles in your choice of colours. Allow the paint to dry, then using a funnel, fill each bottle with about 5 cm of sand.
2. To make the rings, draw nine circles, each 3 cm larger than the bottom of the bottle and 2–5 cm wide. Cut out the rings.
3. Wind the ribbon tightly around each ring and secure with sticky tape.
4. Arrange the bottles in a triangle shape and take at least four steps backwards. Test the distance to see how hard it is to get the rings over the bottles. Draw a line and show the kids where to stand to play the game.
5. Make up your own rules: for example, securing three rings over one bottle constitutes a win.
From my book Kids’ Market Days (Struik Publishers 2014), email me on if you would like to purchase a book.