Day 120: Drawing game

Day 120 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Did you ever play this combination man drawing game? All you need is a pen and a piece of paper! Kids take turns drawing a section of a human body, either starting with the head and shoulders or with the feet. They fold the paper over, to hide what they have drawn and pass the covered drawing to the next person, who adds the next body part section to the drawing, and folds it so that the next person cannot see what they have drawn etc. Any child who is drawing people (ages 3 or 4 on up) can play this game, and it is fun to play with adults too. Once all sections of the body have been drawn, (usually there are four fold in the paper, the head and shoulders, the torso/shirt, the waist and shorts/skirt area, and then the shoes) the piece of paper is unfolded to reveal the funny person. This can also be played with animals or monsters!