Day 104: Funny face salad with hidden vegetables

Day 104 of #365 Creative #Ideas to do with your kids: Funny face salad with hidden vegetables. Couscous or brown rice make a great base for creating faces, with cucumber eyes and a red or yellow pepper mouth. When veggies are cut up finely and incorporated into something like couscous or rice, they are not noticed as much. In fact, if you don’t call this a salad, they’ll never know that it is full of goodness! Add as many ‘hidden veggies’ as you can.
What you need:
couscous or brown rice
fresh or frozen corn kernels, cooked and cooled
fresh or frozen peas, cooked and cooled
fresh or frozen green beans, cut into small pieces, cooked and cooled
cauliflower crumbs (cooked if raw)
cucumber, cut into small pieces
red and yellow pepper, cut into small pieces
olive oil or salad dressing to taste
For decoration: thinly sliced cucumber, thin strips of red and yellow pepper, halved cherry tomatoes, nuts and sesame seeds (optional).
1. Prepare couscous or rice according to the packet instructions. When cooled, add an assortment of chopped vegetables and stir through.
2. Spoon some ‘veggie’ couscous or rice into a bowl or plate and press lightly to flatten.
3. Make a face by placing cucumber rounds and a halved cherry tomato for the eyes, a half-moon of pepper for a smiley mouth, and a piece of pepper (or baby carrot) for the nose. Sprinkle over some chopped nuts and seeds (optional).
4. Drizzle over some olive oil or salad dressing to taste.