#288: Mixing colours

You can always talk about colors, wherever you are. Mixing two colours together to form a new color is an exciting concept to explore with your kids. Use pastels to experiment, using the light colours first, then the darker colour, and smooth and blend with the lighter one again. Make it fun by using a...

#287: Straw necklaces

Threaded straw necklaces are simple and easy for children to make. If the string is too challenging for younger kids, let them try thread the cut pieces onto a pipe cleaner. Stringing the straws on the string helps kids with fine motor practice. Use paper straws, which are easy to cut, and can be recycled.

#286: Shadow tracing:

All you need is a torch or iPhone, some paper, and markers and some items like toys or these wooden trees to trace. Someone can hold the torch, or you can lean it against a prop. Position the light so it shines on the piece of paper. Find some toys or objects with interesting shapes,...

#285: Plaiting or Braiding

#285: In a world where screen time rules, it’s refreshing to teach kids a simple, “old-fashioned” skill like plaiting or braiding. You can plait almost anything – string, wool, ribbon, wire – but string or ribbon are easy to start with and a three-strand plait is the simplest to make.

#284: Memory cup game

This Memory cup game teaches children to concentrate pay close attention which is the first step in developing a strong memory. Use plastic cups or these cupcake holders and small items like yummy marshmallows or a coin. Place the item under a cup, making sure your child knows which one it’s under. Move the...

#283: Pick-up sticks

There are so many skill areas worked on while playing pick-up sticks, from hand-eye coordination to precision grasp and release. Make your own pick up sticks with bamboo skewers and decorate them with wash tape

#282: Make an ice bowl

Ice bowls can be made of just ice, but they can also be prettied up and decorated with flowers, fruit slices, small toys and anything to add colour.

#281: Make a mini art station/art wall

Drawing and painting activities encourage children to express themselves. Ideal for a compact space, this mini art station combines paper ‘on tap’ with handy pots for brushes, crayons, pencils and scissors and a small shelf for storing art materials during burst of creativity…

#280: Make a mini garden with your kids

#280: Succulent gardens are perfect for small kids as they require little maintenance, the only need to be watered once a week and some are beautiful flowering plants. Succulents are thick-leaved ornamental plants that resemble cactuses, but without the thorns.

#279: Do you kids love building things?

This mini-marshmallow and toothpick building challenge is a classic and simple construction activity that requires just two types of materials, toothpicks and mini-marshmallows. Start with a single structure, making it to stand unassisted, and then add on more levels.