#26 Crochet

#26 Teach your kids to crochet, it is fun and creative and benefits children in a variety of ways

#23 Noughts & Crosses

#23 Noughts and crosses is a great game to play with your kids, you can play it anywhere with just a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. This simple game can help develop step-by-step logical thinking in children.

#22 Learn to sew

#22 Learn to sew on a sewing machine. Choose something simple, small kids love making dolls clothes, but start with straight edges like a blanket or scarf

#20 Play Hopscotch

#20 Play Hopscotch with your kids. Draw it on the driveway or lay down ribbon or rope on the grass, or make a hopscotch mat with fabric. Hopscotch is a great game to help children with rhythm, movement, to build body strength, balance and develop better eye/hand coordination

#19 A knitting day

Learn to knit today… it is a skill that helps with developing fine motor skills. The repetitive nature of knitting is also a calming activity. Making something out of a piece of wool is also very rewarding…